UPDATE: Testing Facebook Comments

Long story short: If you are transitioning from another plugin system or using WordPress Multisite, getting your Facebook Comments up and running is something of a pain.

The plugin I had previously mentioned does not appear to be fully compatible with WordPress Multisite in the regard that it does not generate a Facebook XID (external ID, used to identify your unique post and associated comments). Creating my own XID wasn’t a problem, but it meant that all of the comments from the last post are now lost in space somewhere. I can still see them on my moderation panel, but there’s no way (currently) to make them live on the site again.

Oh well, this is why I troubleshoot everything before I get too far along.

If you use the Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin I had mentioned, I strongly encourage you to simply choose “v2 only” from the beginning, it may seem like slightly limited features, but it’s the current framework Facebook is working with.

I’m sure this is probably a bit on the technical side for some of you, the bottom line is that I’m testing all of this fun stuff so you don’t have to 😀

If you want to implement Facebook Comments on your WordPress site and need some help, please feel free to contact me.

Or you could just wait a couple of weeks and I’m sure a far simpler solution will be available (wink, wink).

Now I can give the thumbs up:

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Now get back to those Facebook Comments and try to break something again!

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