Just so there’s no questions about what I’m going to be doing with this site, below are some policies you might want to be aware of.

Contact Policy

I will respond to most forms of communication that comes my way. If you do not receive a reply, do not assume I’ve seen your message.

Phone: I am currently not publishing my phone number on this site (it’s pretty easy to find elsewhere if you must call me) because I’m not a big phone guy. If you call, you will probably go to voicemail (with a message that says to email me) and it may be a day or ten before I get back to you.

On-Site Methods of Contact: Comments will receive a response typically within 48 hours.  Emails using any form on the site will receive a response typically within 24 hours.

Social Media Methods of Contact: Twitter direct messages receive no replies since 99.9% of them are spam. Twitter @-mentions will receive a reply if necessary within 24 hours. Facebook direct messages will receive a reply if necessary within 24 hours. Comments on Facebook posts may or may not receive a reply due to Facebook alerts not working 100% of the time across all devices. Any other social media methods (Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc) are unlikely to receive responses.


Comment Policy

Be nice.  If you have something helpful to say, please feel free.  I will block profanity.  If your comment has so many mispellings/typos/grammatical errors that it may reflect poorly upon you, I may contact you privately to ask you to resubmit it.  You must have at least one approved comment (based on your email address) in the system before they aren’t held for moderation.  If you choose to subscribe to comments, your email address may be added to the email database. Please engage in the conversation; if you choose to say something hurtful towards yourself, others or the industry as a whole, you will be warned first and blocked if there are repeated instances. This site is designed to help everyone in the SCUBA industry to modernize their marketing.


Data Collection Policy

Is your email safe? I will never sell or otherwise share your email address regardless of how you supply it (via comments, registration forms, contests, Facebook Connect, etc).  I may, from time to time, use your email to communicate directly with you regarding site changes, new special reports, contests or other site-related information.  This will be rare and you will be able to easily unsubscribe from those emails.


Advertising Policy

At this time, advertising will not be permitted on the site. I will retain the sole discretion to change this policy at a future point in time. When it comes to equipment, expert advice from a professional can help save you money in the long run, if you have an amazing local dive center, please shop there. If not, I work for and recommend these guys.  Any future advertising will be hand-selected by myself to make sure that the organization behind the ads lives up to my high quality standards.



If you have any other questions, please contact me directly.