Online marketing tools and techniques are evolving daily. Running your SCUBA diving business is already time consuming; between teaching classes, leading dive trips, selling equipment, designing the latest gear and every other activity businesses in the SCUBA industry have to deal with you can’t (and shouldn’t be expected to) keep up with the latest trends in marketing.

The team at New SCUBA Marketing is here to help  you. If you are an independent dive professional, certification agency, dive equipment manufacturer, online SCUBA gear retailer or dive center/resort, we can help. Offering a combination of one-on-one consulting along with informative articles, we can design a marketing program for your individual needs.

By staying on top of the latest marketing techniques, you can:

  • Find new customers
  • Retain old customers
  • Decrease your traditional marketing expenses

Marketing within the SCUBA industry hasn’t changed since the origin of the sport – we’re here to change that.

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About Our Founder

My name is Nick Bostic and I am a PADI Master Instructor. While in college, I assisted Eugene Skin Divers Supply with the University of Oregon SCUBA Program before running the Lane Community College (LCC) SCUBA Program.  I also helped to run a program geared towards homeschooled middle- and high-school students that was subsidized by the State of Oregon.

While at LCC, I turned the program from something more akin of a club into a large, successful program teaching no less than eight classes per term.  My staff went from myself, one divemaster and a handful of almost-divemasters to over 5 instructors and twice as many divemasters.

Like many 23 year olds, I didn’t make the most wise decision and decided to move from Eugene to Portland to pursue a career more fitting my degree since I had listened to the “you can’t teach SCUBA your entire life” rumors a little too closely. I spent several years working with the real estate industry helping individuals to better market themselves online. I thought the real estate industry was behind when it came to marketing, but when I started to rediscover my passion for teaching SCUBA, I realized that this industry is even worse.

This site was born to help dive businesses to succeed. Within a few short months, I was hired by one of the largest retailers in the industry to run their social media marketing which I still do to this day. I have also consulted with certification agencies, equipment manufacturers, independent dive professionals, dive centers and dive resorts. Between my day job and the people I’ve worked with, I know the techniques my team and I are sharing work and provide a positive return on investment.

You can find me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+…pretty much any social network out there!

About The Team

Nick is our leader, but his day job keeps him incredibly busy coming up with new online marketing concepts, testing them and refining them. Our group of independent contractors all bring their certain skills which Nick has trained to be extremely well-tuned to the SCUBA industry. We currently have team members from the following disciplines (but can always use more!):

  • Online copywriting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media account management
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Custom programming

The best part about having a team like our is we can scale to meet your needs. Need a blog for your dive center? We’ll pull in our web and graphic design people, maybe a programmer, our copywriters and search engine people. Need some help with your social media marketing? You’ll probably be in touch with out copywriters, social media strategists and social media account management people.

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