Do You Secretly Fear SCUBA Continuing Education?

Does the idea of a horde of Divemasters becoming Open Water SCUBA Instructors frighten you more than a gory zombie flick? Do new SCUBA divers saying they want to “go pro” creep you out more than Pee Wee Herman?

SCUBA Dive Center Owners Fear Con Ed More Than Frankenstein*

If there are more SCUBA diving professionals, there’s more competition, right? Competition is both scary and bad, so continuing education should not be encouraged! Forget that a larger staff means more word of mouth marketing, bigger classes and more SCUBA diving equipment and SCUBA vacations can be sold. Nevermind that you could be employing more people and sharing the underwater world with new SCUBA divers.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.”

Fearing competition stifles innovation. Most dive centers I walk into look like a set out of Sea Hunt. Most dive center web sites look like they were designed by a fifth grader (back in 1995). Is this marketing to a modern SCUBA diver? I certainly hope not.

So give it a thought, what is it really that frightens you so much about promoting Continuing Education for your SCUBA divers?

*not an actual statistic

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