Email Newsletter Review: Urban Dive

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to send your first email newsletter for your SCUBA business. Thanks to a volunteer, we take a look at some highlights as well as areas we can all work on when sending our email newsletters.

I Hate Direct Mail

I really hate direct mail. It has virtually no business in your SCUBA business. Learn about the few instances when direct mail can be beneficial for your business and why you should try to avoid it. Plus, a much better alternative is offered.

SCUBA Email Marketing Gone Wrong

SPAM: Free Samples

Email marketing, when done correctly, can be one of the largest returns on investment for your SCUBA business. When done wrong, it can make you look unprofessional and place you in gray areas of the US Federal CAN SPAM Act. Continue reading for two examples of great email newsletters that make a couple of minor mistakes.

SCUBA Email Marketing: Get Your Message Out

So far, we’ve looked at why we should be using email marketing, how to collect addresses and generating content, now we need to look at how to get your message out to your SCUBA customers.

SCUBA Email Marketing: Generating Content

Email marketing is incredibly powerful and, now that you know how to collect email addresses, it’s time to generate some content. Generating content for your newsletter should be the easiest part of this process.

Are You Collecting Your SCUBA Divers Email Addresses?

Twitter, Facebook and Buzz may be the talk of the town, but if you aren’t connecting with your SCUBA customers via email marketing, you are missing one of the most lucrative opportunities available to your SCUBA business. We begin our investigation into the tools necessary to start an email newsletter for your SCUBA marketing.