SCUBA Marketing Accomplishments

People who know me know that I’m not the chest-thumping, bold-statement-making kind of person, I’m just personally very happy about the accomplishments we’ve made as a community so far. I’ve had the domain name for roughly 4 weeks. Just some highlights:

  • For my primary search term, in Google, the various properties surrounding this site rank 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.
  • For my primary search term, in Bing, the various properties surrounding this site rank 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
  • I’m the #1 listing on Google Maps for my primary search term, can you say that? If not, I’ll teach you soon.
  • 84 86 members of our Facebook Page. If you haven’t joined, take a look over to the right to get setup. (Here’s the fun part for me: I know at least 15 SCUBA professionals on Facebook and only 2 are in the group because I haven’t promoted it to people I know yet)
  • 40 RSS subscribers even though I haven’t even talked about what RSS is (yet)
  • 30 email subscribers (If you haven’t subscribed, click the envelope icon in the upper right side of the page to get a weekly digest of all the articles)
  • A complete redesign built on a different framework. I knew I should have used this framework to begin with, but wanted the site up ASAP. I’ll talk about this more in depth when I start into SCUBA blogs.
  • A 140% growth week over week of site traffic
  • A bunch of emails and tweets of support, which will just keep me going!
  • 8 submissions for online presence reviews even though I haven’t even officially been accepting submissions!
  • 3 requests to write guest posts

So if you want to learn how to get your web site to rank quickly, show up in business directory results or just start engaging with your customers more effectively, it looks like I’m doing alright so far.

Help SCUBA Marketing

This is our community, so I need your help. Right now, there are two main things I would love your help with:

  1. Get your dive professional friends to join the Facebook Page. Facebook can be one of your best tools to stay in touch with former students/customers as well as building referrals, so I’ll be covering quite a few of those tools and techniques over there first and I’d love to get some great discussion going.
  2. Comment over here. Let me know if you like what I’m covering or I’m not being clear or anywhere in between. I’m combining my two passions – SCUBA and Internet Marketing – so I’m definitely excited, but I want to help you succeed too.


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