Google to Challenge Yelp

Recently, the PADI Instructor News blog mentioned managing your reputation on Yelp. Between the abundant user reviews in my location, an easy to use interface and their incredible iPhone application, I have been sold on Yelp for several years. If you haven’t been to Yelp, be sure to check it out (after you’re done reading this).

Uh Oh, Here Comes Google

Now Google has announced the launch of Place Pages for Google Maps. Working in the real estate industry, I have seen consumer behavior change at an almost zombie-epidemic-like rate towards anything map-based. Google Maps surpassed Mapquest back in January according to compete for online map search, plus we all think/talk/dream about Google, so they are a service to pay attention to.

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Place Pages for Google Maps

Similar to Yelp, Place Pages will offer thorough data about businesses, including your SCUBA diving business. Their data will be aggregated from other sources. Comments can’t be made directly through the Place Pages (currently).

What Do I Do?

First, is your SCUBA diving business listed on Google Maps? Just do a quick search. If not, head over to the Google Local Business Center and claim your business. Not only does this make your SCUBA diving business easier to be found via online map searches, but it’s easier to control the information provided about you.

If you’re on Google Maps and you “own” your SCUBA business in their system, there’s not much else you can do yet. Reviews aren’t as prolific for SCUBA stores as they are for restaurants.  But take a look at this dive shop’s Place Page. They’ve been around for over 50 years and certify an amazing number of people, but only have 4 reviews. Again, the SCUBA diving niche isn’t as prolific with online reviews…yet.

Do you think Yelp has anything to be concerned about with Google’s new Place Pages?

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