SCUBA Blogging: A Starting Point

Footprints in sand
One foot in front of the other

You’ve spent years learning how to be the best SCUBA professional you can be. You’ve taken classes, you’ve attended dive industry updates, you’ve been teaching SCUBA nonstop for years.

Suddenly, the local dive site closes due to health concerns.

The county bans SCUBA diving due to its inherent risks.

The state bans transport of compressed gas cylinders without special permits.

Difficult, not impossible

You find a new dive location.

You move your business across the county line.

You get the necessary permits.

You don’t give up because you want to succeed. You figure out what must be done to keep doing what you love.

So why don’t you setup a new SCUBA blog?

One of the most frequent concerns I hear from dive industry professionals is that they’re afraid of setting up a new site.

Afraid of losing traffic from their ancient site.

Afraid people won’t like a new blog.

Afraid of abandoning their archaic homepage.

A simple first step

I’ve talked about how successful a SCUBA blog can be for your online presence. You’re ready to give it a shot, but you have some fears as well.

Put your SCUBA blog on a different domain name.

You may have a period where you’re doing double updates, but most likely not because traditional sites are rarely updated anyway.

Once your new blog site has traffic equal to or better than your old site, redirect your old site to your new address.

This gives you time to learn the new system, make any design or function changes you need and start building a search engine presence before flipping the switch.

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Photo via VinothChandar

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