Changes: Part 1

Many people use the new year as an excuse to evaluate life. Running social media for a retailer over the holidays followed up with some massive, amazing new projects has prolonged my evaluation. Aside from the usual “eat better and exercise more”, the other big part of my life I’ve been evaluating is New SCUBA Marketing.

You’re about to learn about some of the big motivations – and changes – about to happen in the New SCUBA Marketing world. These are things that’ve been in the works for over 2 years, so it’s about time to share.

I got serious with this site in large part due to the death of my father from cancer. It was one of those wake up calls that makes you evaluate what you’re doing with your life. Teaching social media marketing for a title and escrow company wasn’t it.

Unfortunately, I now have another family member who is sick with cancer, so I’m using it as another wake up call to focus on goals.

New SCUBA Marketing isn’t going away, but will definitely be changing in a way that frees up more of my time to be with family and friends. I love my day job dearly, but that’s a long enough work week as it is and it takes priority.

I’ll be sharing some of the behind the scenes things that have happened here the last 2+ years and what the future holds around here. A big hint: it’s not just me that makes all of this happen.

If you’re still interested in dive center marketing, especially dive center social media marketing, this will continue to be the place to watch.

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