Building a List of SCUBA Blogs

I’m building a list. I’m checking it twice (for duplicates and spam). It’s a list of SCUBA blogs!

Why I Want Your SCUBA Blog

I’m not going to start scraping your site or publicly critiquing you (unless you want that), I just want to make sure I’ve found all of the best SCUBA blogs out there to personally read.

Also, I’m going to take all of the sites submitted and do something fun and techy with them.

Why You Should Share Your SCUBA Blog

  1. You want more people to read your content, right? Well, I’m one more reader you didn’t have.
  2. You want more links to your blog for SEO purposes, right? I’ll happily link to your content as it applies to concepts I’m discussing.
  3. You want even more people to read your SCUBA blog, right? My fun techy thing I’m going to be doing will be part of an upcoming series that will make it easy for everyone in the SCUBA diving industry (from new divers to veterens) to subscribe to every SCUBA blog on the list in only a few clicks.

So yeah, I get more sites to read and you get some free publicity. Sounds like a fairly good deal to me.

The Rules

Fill out the form below. Required fields are indicated with a red asterisks. You can see it’s fairly anonymous. Please, however, let me know if the site is yours, a friends or just one you like reading in case the site owner comes knocking.

That’s it, start sharing!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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