The 80′s Called, They Want Your Web Site Back

I’ve been browsing far too many SCUBA store web sites lately. They all look like they were designed for Prodigy and Compuserve and haven’t been updated since.

Ever Heard of the Internet?

It’s a place where more and more consumers are going to find businesses, book trips, buy things and engage. Designing a professional SCUBA web site doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This site right here, for example, cost me all of $87 and a little bit of time. Granted, I know PHPSQLJavascript and HTML, but even if you don’t, you should be able to have a modern, professional SCUBA web site that ranks well in search engines for less than $500 USD.

Your Web Site Is Your Home

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your email marketing campaign are all supplements to your home. They’re the cable TV and high speed internet. Sure, you like these things, but your home still functions without them. Your home should be clean, easy to use, current and interactive. I can’t even begin to count the number of sites I’ve stumbled across with class calendars from 2007. 2007!!! It shows that you don’t care, so why should your students and customers.


I’m going to be rolling out a guide to building your own web site from scratch. Maximum budget? $87 and less than $10 per month for your site, not for the guide. You can even spend less if you’d like, but the $87 is worth it (I’ll explain why in the emails).It’s going to be going out via email in bit-sized nuggets. If you are interested, please use the form below.

This information can be used for SCUBA diving clubs, SCUBA stores, independent SCUBA instructors and SCUBA manufacturers – anyone in the dive industry.

Please help me prevent my eyes from bleeding by looking at another terrible site

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