Welcome to 2015

Is 2015 going to be better than 2014 for you? Even if 2014 was amazing for you (it was for me!), I hope your goal setting is moving along nicely for improvement.

My goals are pretty simple this year:

  • Figure out how to pay for a housing and strobes for my new camera so I can take more pictures and video.
  • Work on some tech and/or cave instructor ratings.
  • Actually take a day off (tough when you don’t have PTO).

And a couple of New SCUBA Marketing goals for 2015:

  • Post weekly. They may be short or long, just a video or infographic, but you’ll learn something new each week to better help your business.
  • Launch a course. I realized I’ve been teaching small and medium sized business owners and their employees how to do their own marketing for over 15 years with a strong emphasis on integrating online with offline marketing. The cool thing I realized is I’ve already put together presentations and how-to videos for most aspects of marketing. So I’m touching up some things, getting a site ready to handle it, and will be announcing it here when it’s ready. I’m making it easy. You’ll be given one lesson per month with homework. Some months you may have already done the task for your business, so you can just relax for a month. There’ll be a free option, as well as an option where you can get some one-on-one help for a reasonable fee.

The easiest way to stay up to date on both of these projects is to make sure you’re subscribed to the email newsletter (the form is below this post).

Happy new year everyone!

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