Vintage SCUBA Advertisements

I have to thank my good friend Eric Thornton for sharing this fun site with me. I was still sleeping and wouldn’t see Godin’s post for several more hours 🙂

Cross Promotion

Something I’ve been wishing for (and asked Tom Ingram about) is more cross promotion outside our industry. Looking back at these vintage SCUBA ads, we can see some strange cross-promotions involving SCUBA. Vintage SCUBA can also help us realize that we have come a long way, but at the same time, not much has changed. Here are a few vintage SCUBA ads I like.

Random Associations

The "Shark Killing Gun" can't kill that tire...
Of course, wedding dresses and SCUBA, it all makes so much sense

Big Names

This was the only certification agency ad I saw
Uh oh, a Delta Airlines ad featuring only one tour company, somebody better start complaining about DEMA 🙂


This category seems so obvious to me, I would like to see SCUBA equipment in car ads far more often!

The way they're posing with the car, they sure look proud of it
All I can say is $2545 for a car? I thought technology was supposed to make things less expensive?
Cute girls, convertibles, Italy - it just screams SCUBA
Did Chrysler really have a bad name back then too?

Change is Bad

It's good to see Ikelite hasn't changed their design...ever

Things that Don’t Mix with SCUBA

It always amazes me when I see divers light up between dives, now I guess we can thank the advertisers
I'm going to need to start drinking more 7Up if it's "the man's mixer"
Ah yes, booze and SCUBA
It's brewed with "more courage", any homebrewers out there able to tell me where I'm able to pick up extra courage for my next IPA?

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