The Ultimate Guide to Getting Help with Your SCUBA Marketing

Our recent post about hiring a copywriter really opened up the floodgates. We’ve been getting more emails from SCUBA business owners asking about hiring Facebook marketers, finding Twitter experts and requests for techniques on getting interns to setup and run a blog.

The questions are great, we love them.

But we can be more efficient by writing a comprehensive guide to getting help with your SCUBA marketing.

Each step of our guide will help you:

  • Realize what aspects of your marketing strategy are lagging
  • Determine priorities for your given market
  • Identify tasks you can complete as well as others you may need assistance with
  • Save time and money modernizing your SCUBA marketing

These are the specific topics we’ll be covering in the coming weeks:

  1. When you should seek help
  2. Identifying what you need help with
  3. What skills and experience you should look for
  4. Identifying key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  5. Finding help internally
  6. Finding help externally
  7. Contracts
  8. Setting up and streamlining a review process
  9. Tracking work
  10. Keeping your data safe
  11. Keeping your help happy
  12. Ending the relationship with your help

This is what we have currently, but we’re always open to ideas, questions and suggestions that may expand this list.

Is there anything else you’d like to see covered? Tell us below!

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