3 Reasons Why You Need a SCUBA Blog

I’ve mentioned the concept of having a SCUBA blog regardless of your place in the SCUBA industry several times before. Heck, even the Voice of Google recommends using a WordPress blog. I’ve asked for your SCUBA blogs and have subscribed to each one.

I’m going to dive more in-depth into blogging in the coming weeks because I firmly believe having a SCUBA blog could be the single most important online tool for your SCUBA business.

Here are my top 3 reasons you should have a SCUBA blog:

  1. Great for search engine optimization.
  2. Can be easily integrated into Facebook, Twitter and email marketing.
  3. You can easily change the content at any time without calling or emailing a webmaster.

If you haven’t yet, please submit your SCUBA blogs because I plan on updating the list and promoting it heavily in our first monthly newsletter next month.

How has your SCUBA blog been working for you?

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