Top 10 Articles of 2010

To begin my year-end recap, I wanted to share the top 10 SCUBA Marketing articles of 2010:

  1. Mares Icon HD the iPhone of Dive Computers?
  2. Vintage SCUBA Advertisements
  3. PADI Member Forum 2010 Review
  4. 4 Reasons the iPad Isn’t Ideal for SCUBA Instruction
  5. SCUBA Email Marketing: Collecting Email Addresses
  6. Your Next Student Will Become a SCUBA Instructor
  7. 3 Reasons Why SCUBA Diving Sucks
  8. Run your SCUBA business like the Sea Shepherds
  9. Recruiting Independent SCUBA Instructors
  10. DEMA Show 2010 Las Vegas Day 1

Tomorrow I’ll be reflecting back on the year and New Year’s eve I’ll be discussing plans for next year.

Thanks for joining, it’s been a fun experiment so far!

Photo via sam_churchill

Mares Icon HD the iPhone of Dive Computers?

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