Happy Festivus!

Birthday Candles
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It’s that time of year again. Many of you may be taking time off to spend with family. We’re into the last few days of this 2010. It’s my birthday today, my sister had hers a couple of days ago then there are family events through the weekend, add work and life on top of that and I’m a busy guy.

I’ll be doing a year end wrap up next week. I’ll be replying to some of your patiently waiting emails (but probably not until next week, I hope you’ll understand). I’m a work addict, so you may see me on Twitter from time to time through the weekend.

Regardless of your religious beliefs and your desires to build your SCUBA business (and my desire to help you), take some time off between now and the new year to spend time with loved ones, reflect on the year and make realistic goals for the new year. Without friends and family, all the hard work is worth nothing.

See you next week.

Photo via brunkfordbraun

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