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I’ve been contacted by a few people looking for guidance in the online SCUBA marketing. Some have started running with the advice I’ve provided, others ask question after question. Although there is nothing wrong with asking questions, at some point you start to suffer from “analysis paralysis” – the inability to do anything until you have all the answers. In the world of online SCUBA marketing, the most important question is “when do I start?”

The Answer is “Now”

Facebook will redesign their home page. Twitter will launch a business model. WordPress will develop new features. The online marketing world is constantly changing. The sooner you jump into online marketing for your SCUBA business, the sooner you will make a mistake, the sooner you’ll learn from that mistake and the sooner you’ll become the leader in your given market.

First Mover Advantage

According to Wikipedia, First Mover Advantage is:

First-mover advantage or FMA is the advantage gained by the initial occupant of a market segment. This advantage may stem from the fact that the first entrant can gain control of resources that followers may not be able to match. Sometimes the first mover is not able to capitalise on its advantage, leaving the opportunity for another firm to gain second-mover advantage.

In the online SCUBA marketing arena, you achieve FMA by joining Twitter, signing up on Facebook or creating a blog. You can prevent someone from getting second-mover advantage by actually using the tools you’ve created.

The alternate reality is that sometimes, no matter how hard you try and how badly someone has blown their FMA, you may still rank #2. That’s why it’s important for you to establish that first mover advantage as soon as possible. We can work out the details later.

I’m Here to Help

I will be sharing How-To guides, from the very basics of signing up for services to advanced integration techniques. Please contact me if you have questions. But be ready at some point for me to tell you to stop asking questions and just do it.

Have you been the beneficiary or victim of first mover advantage?

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