Don’t Fear Comments on Your SCUBA Blog

In a timely series of events, someone contacted me asking if they should allow comments on their new SCUBA blog on the same day my friend Aaron over at Social Photo Talk wrote an article discussing being social on blogs and Twitter.

Humans are social creatures and, now that a variety of tools are readily available, they are social online. My recommendation is to both allow and encourage comments on your SCUBA blog.

PR Stands for Public Relations, Not Press Release

The old way of marketing was to “market to”. Run an ad. Submit a press release. Hold a sale.

Did you ever ask for feedback? Were people really not coming into your business because of prices or lack of awareness? Or is it because your employees are rude? Your location isn’t convenient? They couldn’t find your contact information on your web site (or perhaps you don’t even have a web site)?

The modern way of marketing is to create dialogue.

Solicit Feedback

The only way to really learn what your customers are thinking about your brand is to allow them to talk.

Blog comments are one of the simplest ways to get that feedback.

You can also ask people for feedback in your store, via your email newsletter and on your social networking accounts.

The key is to start asking.

Have you received feedback that surprised you once you opened your ears?

Photo via merezha

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