Why Do You Dive?

If I can teach you one thing about SCUBA marketing, hopefully it is this:

Use your passion, whatever it is, to excite others.

I’ve shown people how to use Facebook and they think it is one of the most worthless tools on the planet. Then, several months later, I see them again and they love Facebook because they found out they could play Scrabble online with their friends. To me, that is pointless, but to them, they get excited. They tell me how they got 10 more of their friends to sign up for Facebook to play Scrabble with them.

Their Passion Turned on Others

We need to use the knowledge of our passion to connect with others to bring them into the industry that pays our bills.  If you are doing it just for the bills, you are wasting your time. If you get excited, when you talk to others, they’ll get excited.

Why I Dive

My main reason for diving is because it’s quite. There’s no phones, email notifications, people talking in the next office or traffic. I can think or not, but I usually try to “fix” one aspect of my dive, be it my buoyancy control or how much gear I drag along.

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