SCUBA News Updates

Just a couple of quick SCUBA diving related news updates:

  1. In my article yesterday about PADI announcing professional renewal pricing and choosing to not send a CD-based SCUBA Instructor Manual (which I like), I mentioned that the auto-renewal pricing was higher than regular online renewal. Megan Denny at PADI emailed me to let me know that was incorrect and that auto-renewal is the least expensive option. The post over at the PADI Instructor News Blog has been updated.

    The really cool thing: PADI is paying attention to their online reputation, something I will show my fellow SCUBA professional how to do as well.

  2. I’m going to be closing the first round of SCUBA diving blog submissions on Wednesday, October 14th. As a reminder, I’m building a list of SCUBA blogs.

    A few more details: I’m going to be doing two main things with my list of SCUBA diving blogs.

    First, I’m going to clean up any duplicates and create an OPML file. An OPML file can be easily imported into Google Reader, allowing any SCUBA diver out there to quickly and easily subscribe to the top SCUBA diving blogs all at once. I’m going to be doing ongoing promotion of both RSS and this OPML file, so it should allow you to get extra traffic out to your site and subscribers to your RSS feed.

    Second, I want to highlight your accomplishments! I won’t pick on anyone or say anything negative, I promise, I just want to be able to link to other SCUBA diving professionals who are active in the blogging community.

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