Social Networking for SCUBA is a Fad

There are still some of you (you know who you are) who think that using social networks to build your SCUBA business is just a fad and that it doesn’t really work.

However, many of you naysayers are the same people promoting Google ads.

Let me ask this: does it make more sense to advertise your SCUBA store in the stores bathroom or out on the curb? If you said the bathroom, please subscribe, you’re going to need help 🙂

If you agree that advertising where people can see your business makes sense, then shouldn’t we do the same online? If you’re still with me on this idea, the latest information from Hitwise tells us we definitely should be on social networks:

Hitwise: Facebook overtakes Google
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That’s right folks, Facebook has officially received more visitors in a week than Google.

Is your SCUBA business on Facebook? Share a link in the comments!

Photo via inju

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