3 Reasons Why SCUBA Diving Sucks

I’m just kidding, SCUBA diving doesn’t suck. Of all the various activities I’ve tried (skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, zip lining, sailing and too many more to mention), I will always come back to SCUBA. I’ve never had a bad dive. I believe something can be learned from every dive we make, it’s our responsibility to take note and improve.

But for all of you naysayers, here are the top 3 excuses I hear about why SCUBA diving sucks:

  1. SCUBA diving is expensive. Is that the best you’ve got? Ever played golf? Gone mountain biking? Skiing? Have you priced that gear? If not, take a look. You’ll quickly see that the initial equipment investments are very similar – you can get in for less than $1,000 USD if you want, but you can also spend an unlimited amount. The awesome thing about SCUBA diving though is that an air fill typically costs less than $10 USD. Lift tickets and greens fees can easily be $50+ USD. So the long term expense is actually much less with SCUBA.
  2. SCUBA diving requires too much training. Yes, I’ve actually heard this. You are going underwater. Humans aren’t designed to survive underwater. Yes, there are endless continuing education opportunities available, but all you really need to get started is a basic Open Water certification.
  3. SCUBA diving is difficult. The gear is heavy. The current is strong. There’s no good diving near me. I can’t find a dive buddy. These are all easily fixed. If you get hung up on these minor issues, you will not enjoy the sport and could become a danger to you and your buddy. As soon as you realize that these are excuses and not reasons, the quicker you can overcome your own internal dialogue and enjoy the underwater world.

You may be able to come up with a couple more reasons, but those are the big ones I hear most frequently.

Share your complaints about SCUBA diving in the comments below!

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