No, I didn’t just spill my alphabet soup on the keyboard. I’m talking about Return On Investment (ROI) of Social Media Marketing (SM).

All SCUBA Marketing Must Be Quantifiable

I agree completely. It’s my finance degree coming out. So go ahead and tell me how many customers your phone line has brought in. How many has your email brought in? How many has your web site brought in? See, it’s kind of difficult to accurately quantify your business.

Online SCUBA Marketing Can Be Fun

I like talking to people, so using Twitter doesn’t seem like a chore, but a break from my chores. I like connecting with former SCUBA diving students and friends on Facebook, so again, that’s fun. I’ve even found most of the people I went through my PADI IDC with on Facebook. So if 50% of your time using social networks is for social purposes, you need to adjust your ROI.

An Even Easier Approach

Do it just to have fun. Then, any business you derive from Facebook, Twitter or your SCUBA blog or email newsletter is just “free” money. I promise, you will have better customer retention and build word of mouth advertising quickly and easily.

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