Setting Realistic Expectations

I’ve been very, very bad.

I disappeared on you for far too long.

The really stupid part was I really should have just let everyone know I’d be gone all summer.

I live in a place where summer is far too short. A short summer means all of my camping, hiking, concert-going, BBQ’s and all the other typical outdoor activities get crammed into a very short time. My nights and weekends are filled to the brim.

Add in a career change and a change in marital status and my free time has been severely limited.

I am sorry.

And I’m back 🙂 For real.

My day job has me doing online marketing for one of the largest names in the SCUBA industry and my free time has me mentoring someone in a completely unrelated field regarding using the Internet to market a small business. Needless to say, I have a lot to talk about regarding technology and online marketing.

So, welcome back (to you and to me), my brain is about to start leaking again.

Photo via miss_rogue

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