Weekly Links #3

It’s been a busy week at New SCUBA Marketing Global Headquarters! Tons of projects, learning all kinds of fun new things and getting some cool new stuff ready for you very soon. So here’s a few links I think you’ll be interested in reading:


Since I did a terrible job of cross posting my content last week (ADD was in overdrive for some reason), be sure to check out some of the new buttons on the site (especially if you’re an RSS reader). I’m already not super-happy about my implementation, so I’ll be changing it again soon (and no, I won’t write a whole new post about it since the functionality will be the same).

I also attended the DEMA 2020 Vision Brainstorming Session. It was good, we’ll see how far it goes.


Fukushima is expected to create all kinds of amazingly interesting new marine life for us to see. Unfortunately, it’s at such an incredibly terrible expense.


Divecaching looks like a cool new activity, but I’m already hearing about how difficult it is to add a cache to many of the popular caching websites. Have you had any experiences either way?

In a move that shocks me a little, PADI is actually promoting a Self-Reliant Diver Specialty Course. Your thoughts?


Most business people tend to try to compete on price because it’s easy. Instead, build brand value to make people understand why you’re worth more than bargain basement prices.

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