SCUBA Dorks Unite! Press Release Edition

These two press releases came through one of many inboxes courtesy of Darrin Jillson of the podcast Scuba Obsessed.

This press release has been generating quite the (misguided) stir around the online SCUBA tribe. PADI is actually tracking marketing campaigns?! Finally!!! They’d better hand over the data!!!

A quick PR101: TRAFFICK is a marketing company. PADI is working with them. So TRAFFICK issued a press release celebrating a new client.

This does not mean these types of marketing programs are new for PADI.

PADI emails have tracking codes in their links. PADI direct mail has offer codes. The PADI Instructor Info blog has been advocating the use of QR codes for a year.

The content of the marketing campaigns may be different (makes sense because it’s a new firm), but it isn’t new for PADI to incorporate tracking into their marketing.

The attention that’s been paid to this press release is completely missing the point in favor of attempting to create controversy where none exists. While it may be fun to poke at the biggest player in the industry, it doesn’t make sense this time.

Congratulations PADI and TRAFFICK on the new relationship and campaigns, I look forward to seeing the new materials.

Another press release from market research company IBISWorld discusses how the diving industry is poised for a rebound!

Key points that interested me:

  • They see the core demographic as “young professionals” which doesn’t agree with DEMA’s research that points more towards baby boomers.
  • They see more people wanting to take part in diving, but fewer people able to offer instruction due to the costs of running a business.
  • Having observed the stark differences in West Coast vs East Coast mentality amongst dive professionals (and being on the West Coast), I was actually surprised to see the West Coast comprises more of the industry than the East. Maybe we’re just quieter about it 😉

So there you go, two press releases and my takeaways. Your thoughts?

SCUBA Dorks Unite! is an unscheduled series designed to help navigate through where the online SCUBA tribe is pointing their pitchforks focusing their attention.

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