DEMA or Bust

In what I consider to be a last minute decision, I will be attending this year’s DEMA conference in Orlando, Florida. I was approved for a media pass, so I’ll be covering the event here on New SCUBA Marketing.

Let’s Make This Fun

I plan on attending all of the various SCUBA marketing seminars, plus a few manufacturer sponsored events. I also want to meet with some manufacturers/organizations to see what they’re doing that is new and innovative in the world of SCUBA marketing. In the spirit of my last post discussing online reputation management, I’m going to list a few brands I wouldn’t mind talking to. We’ll see if they are monitoring their online reputation.

  • Aggressor Fleet
  • Aqua Lung
  • Backscatter
  • Divers Alert Network
  • Jack’s Diving Locker
  • NAUI
  • PADI
  • SCUBARadio
  • Underwater Kinetics

This is by no means a complete list, just a few of the names that popped out at me from the exhibitor list. I also didn’t link to them intentionally to see if they are monitoring their brand names online.

If you want to chat at DEMA, please fill out the form below. I have a couple of meetings already lined up, but would love to chat with you about your SCUBA marketing while I’m there.

  • Give me an idea of how I can help so I can best respond to your inquiry.

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