Do You Know What THEY Are Saying About You?

What happens when you Google your SCUBA diving business? Is it good, bad or nonexistent? You want to be found, but you don’t want the results to be negative.

The best way to stay on top of yourself or select terms is by using Google Alerts.

It’s very easy to setup, just go to Google Alerts, type in your name (or business name or SCUBA gear name, etc), leave the Type on Comprehensive, choose how often you want to be notified (I prefer as-it-happens) and punch in your email address. You can setup multiple alerts this way.

If you are setting up an alert for your name or business name, place the entire name in quotation marks.

That’s the way to see what people are saying about your SCUBA diving business on the internet, soon I’ll show you how to monitor real time conversations to attract customers using Twitter.

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