Quick Update

I know I’ve fallen off on the series, but wanted to let everyone know it’s still coming.

The day job, an incredibly short summer and family have all been demanding more time lately and they all come first 🙂

We’re training some new people to help out with content, your questions and a lot of the back-end stuff.

We’re also testing a ton of new things across all outlets (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc). This is kind of the sandbox for the day job, so tech issues get worked out here before being implemented there, then I can share what works and what doesn’t. Fun, but time consuming.

There is also the very real likelihood that my day job will double in responsibility here soon, so you may be seeing some other names on here as a result. If you’re interested in being one of those names, either submit a guest post or contact us if you’d like to be more frequent.

Until things settle a little, you may see some very short posts that may be links to other sites, interesting videos or pictures or just a thought to share. We’ll still be pushing out the longer, more in depth pieces, but these new items will be quick to digest, but also timely.

It’s an exciting time all around, thanks for continuing to read while we play with new ideas 😀

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