Run your SCUBA business like the Sea Shepherds

Regardless of your stance on their politics and mission, the Sea Shepherds are running their operation with the one thing many dive centers I’ve visited lack: passion.

If you are a SCUBA instructor or dive shop owner who is holding on to your “business” just because you love to dive please stop.

If you are in the SCUBA business because you love diving instead of love teaching others to dive or love taking others diving in exotic destinations you are a hobbyist and you are probably more of a hindrance to the SCUBA industry than a help.

Sea Shepherds have Passion

Again, you may love or hate them, but you can’t argue that they are passionate about what they do. They risk life and limb in harsh conditions against a huge industry for whales.

Do you have that same passion for the business of SCUBA?

Return on Passion (ROP)

I consider myself an environmentalist. Three or four years ago, had I asked my Greenpeace and Sierra Club member friends if they knew who the Sea Shepherds were, I would have received a blank stare.

Now, they are a household term. They’re about to begin  their third season on Animal Planet. They even have an entire South Park episode “dedicated” to them.

What has been their Return on Passion? An almost $2 million dollar vessel in the form of the Ady Gil. $5 million from Bob Barker (with plans for more).

Lack of Passion Hurts Us All

If you are in the business of SCUBA because you like to dive, you are doing your SCUBA professional compatriots a disservice because you are not the best SCUBA instructor, boat operator, divemaster or SCUBA store owner possible. Your customers will not enjoy themselves as much and the entire industry suffers.

Have Passion

You are a gateway to the most beautiful places on this planet. You have the potential to open the eyes, hearts and minds of hundreds, if not thousands of people every year. You live in or travel to some of the most breathtaking locations.

Be passionate about the business of SCUBA, it’s the best business in the world.

Photo via guano

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