Don't Call it a Comeback

I’ve been here for years

Okay, maybe just 10 and a half months. And I’ve been MIA for almost 2 months.

As the title would suggest, I’m coming back 🙂

I quit my old job (nothing exciting worth sharing), I started what has proven to be my dream job (details coming soon) and have been going through some family issues (and no, I’m not sharing here), so needless to say, life has been very very busy these last few months, explaining my hiatus.

Summer is insanely busy for my in my personal life, so I’m going to be a bit more reasonable: I’m going to promise an article a week. I may feel ambitious and do more, but you get at least one.

If you have ideas, questions, comments, article suggestions or anything else, please contact me to let me know.

It’s good to be back 😀

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