Introducing Clint & Jason

As I hinted to a while back, there is a great new change coming to New SCUBA Marketing.

Since I do blog promotion and all forms of social marketing in the dive industry all day (and much of the night), I keep my eye on people in the industry who “get it”. Not just an ability to run a Facebook Page or knowing how to bend WordPress to their will, but someone who is also looking out for the future of the industry.

Someone with a vested interest in SCUBA as a sport/hobby and enough dive experience to compliment their marketing knowledge.

With the goal of finding other people who not only understand modern marketing in the diving industry, but can explain it to others, I’m excited to introduce Jason Pecknold and Clint Seeley as partners to the site!

Over the last few years, I’ve interacted periodically with Clint and Jason, bouncing the occasional link, idea, or question between us.

In 2013 we discussed working a bit more together on helping to bring modern marketing techniques to the diving industry. Since I have virtually no time for New SCUBA Marketing (and zero time for the requests for help I get through here), we discussed having them join the New SCUBA Marketing crew. And now here they are.

I am not going away. I will continue to post the same marketing news, concepts, and techniques catering to dive industry businesses. However, you will begin to see more regular posts from three different voices. Plus, Jason and Clint will be sharing something cool and new in the not-too-distant future for those of you who need a little extra help. My being too busy with my career to run the show here all by myself is your gain ūüôā

I’ve been an observer of a couple of projects they’ve been working on the last few months and feel confident that they work in a way that agrees with what are considered online marketing best practices, while also showing an unique level of creativity in a variety of situations.

They’ll be posting soon, but here is some brief background information on Clint and Jason.

Jason PecknoldJason Pecknold

Jason Pecknold comes from a very diverse and successful career in Marketing and Management for the Retail and Hospitality industries. As a successful dive shop owner, scuba instructor, and marketing consultant Jason has a thorough understanding of the dive industry. Jason can relate on how much work goes into running a dive business, so he works hard for his clients to allow them to focus on the other areas within their business.

Clint SeeleyClint Seeley

Clint Seeley is a dive industry veteran with 15 years experience teaching, developing programs, and marketing. Early on, Clint understood the importance of leveraging what the internet could offer the scuba industry and has been obsessed with web and search technologies ever since. This passion led him to co-found PlaceJump in 2008.

Clint recently became president of Unique Scuba, a local scuba instruction and travel company in Sarasota Florida.

Click HERE to contact Clint

Please give a warm welcome to Clint & Jason!

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