DEMA Expo 2009 Special Reports

For those of you who were fortunate enough to attend the 2009 DEMA Expo in Orlando, I hope you can agree to some degree that it was simply amazing. From the weather to the seminars and conversations, if you didn’t learn somethingyou were sleep walking.

DEMA Expo 2009 Continuing Coverage

I started writing my comprehensive coverage of my experience at DEMA, but it quickly became a rather lengthy manuscript. Instead of making you read page after page of computer screen text, I’m going to be breaking it up into easy to digest pieces with valuable marketing lessons derived from each topic.

Here’s the schedule (not necessarily in this order):

Whew! It’s a long list, I know, that’s why I’m breaking it up instead of throwing the whole book at you. So stay tuned, it’s coming at you fast and furious.

For those of you who are concerned it may be too pro-PADI, I will be keeping the information neutral and only presenting facts and valuable lessons we can learn. If you want to talk about what you’ve learned from any other dive agency or manufacturer, I would love to share your message.

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