Gulf State SCUBA Needs Help

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s an ecological disaster going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico has some incredible diving.

The Gulf of Mexico has some incredible SCUBA diving professionals trying to earn a living.

Luckily, DEMA has created a web site to help promote SCUBA diving for Gulf State dive centers.

Here’s the problem:

The web site is terrible.

Okay, I’m picky, so we can argue the design all day. But from a sheer search engine optimization and online marketing standpoint, it is a complete failure.

Just look at the title tag: “Gulf State Diving, DEMA San Diego, CA Home”

WHAT? I had no idea San Diego, CA was in the Gulf State area. Maybe that was just one typo, let’s go on to the keyword META tag (which doesn’t mean squat, but it shows the level of care): Gulf State Diving San Diego CA, Scuba Diving San Diego CA, Be A Diver San Diego CA, Scuba San Diego CA, Diving San Diego CA, Snorkeling San Diego CA

It’s a good thing this new site will be helping direct SCUBA divers to San Diego.

Their Facebook page only has 156 Fans. We have 1,128. So please go like their page to show your support.

The unshortened URL has been mentioned on Twitter ONCE. So please go tweet about them.

Here’s what I’m going to do

I’m offering my services.

DEMA, if you want me to help with the Gulf State Diving web site, free of charge, just contact me.

If you are a Gulf State SCUBA Diving operator and would like a little extra publicity, contact me and I’ll do everything I can, free of charge.

This is an ecological disaster, let’s all chip in to do our part to make sure it’s not a disaster for an already hurting industry we call our careers.

Photo via dchrisoh

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