What Is a Browser?

To many of you, this may come across as a pointless question. However, in an admittedly unscientific poll by Google, only 8 percent of people could accurately explain what a web browser actually is. So Google has created a web site that explains what a browser is and how to optimize the one you’re using.

This is important because I will occasionally refer to tools that can be used for your SCUBA marketing that can only be used on certain browsers. For me, I use Google Chrome for casual browsing and Firefox when I’m in full-on developer mode. Internet Exploder (err… Explorer) only comes out for testing purposes at the end. I use Safari on my iPhone. So I’m a multi-browser kind of guy and any of you who may be working on your own web sites really should be too.

Check out Google’s video explaining in very simple terms what is a browser and pass it along to your less techy friends.


Which browser do you use and why?

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