SCUBA Marketing is Social!


In case you hadn’t noticed, SCUBA Marketing is social! Take a look over at the right side of the page near the top and you should see the icons shown above. You now have a variety of ways to stay connected with the latest updates.

Subscribe via EmailClicking on the email icon will allow you to subscribe to a weekly email update of all of the posts from the previous week about SCUBA Marketing.  Emails will arrive early Monday morning, so you can start your week off fresh.  Like usual, your email address will never be sold, shared or rented.

Join SCUBA Marketing on FacebookClicking on the Facebook icon will take you directly to the Facebook Page for SCUBA Marketing. Here you can join (or start) a discussion, see a variety of topics related to SCUBA Marketing on Facebook or just connect with other scuba instructors and other dive professionals looking to improve their SCUBA Marketing.

Follow SCUBA Marketing on TwitterClicking the Twitter icon will open a new window allowing you to see the more frequently updated stream of updates talking about all things SCUBA Marketing related. I’ll also be sharing tips and resources for maximizing Twitter as a effective marketing tool.

Subscribe to SCUBA Marketing via RSSFinally, clicking on the RSS icon will allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed of the site. If you are unfamiliar with RSS, fear not, I’ll be explaining what it is, why it’s important and how you can use it very soon.

There’s also room for one more, I’m debating what I’ll add, but if you have a request please let me know in the comments.

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