Vendors: How to Have a Successful Trade Show Experience

(Sorry, I’m having some laptop difficulties, so I am doing video with distribution and blogging from my iPhone for the time being)

The gist for those who don’t want to watch the video:

  1. Understand that green badges are press badges. People with press badges could potentially generate a much greater reach for your marketing efforts than even appearing at the DEMA Expo.
  2. Put down your cell phones, cameras and laptops and start SELLING.

I walked the entire expo floor TWICE today and was approached by one person, Greg Martin at Roddenberry Dive Team.

I’m going to attribute this terrible show of sales abilities to first day jitters though, so I expect tomorrow to be great.

I’ll be broadcasting live video from my iPhone via Qik from time to time since my laptop is being unfriendly and every WiFi connection is slower than dial up.

You should also be able to see an ongoing timeline from Twitter of everyone using the #DEMA hashtag at the top of every page of this site, so you can pretend like you’re here with us.

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