2011 Goals

To finish off the year, it’s time to look towards next year to set some concrete goals.

New SCUBA Marketing

  • Post at least once per week. I fell behind this year due both to work and personal issues, but this year I’m fully in the swing of the day job and the personal stuff should be done within the first quarter, so I really have no excuse.
  • Speak at DEMA. While I think the quality of speakers this year at the DEMA show was great, I think I have some unique perspectives to bring to the table. I have years of experience teaching social media and online marketing to small business owners, so I really have no excuse not to go after it this year.

There’s a couple of projects I consulted on way back at the beginning of 2010 before I started my new full time gig that I hope come to fruition in 2010, so stay tuned for those.


I MUST go diving at least once per month. I will also begin my technical diving training. I want to improve my overall dive skills and become more familiar with a rapidly growing segment of our industry.


I hope to assist with a couple of local programs. Since my day job covers my bills, I will volunteer my time, so I’m kind of the perfect assistant 🙂 I would like to certify at least 20 people in various forms of continuing education. A far cry from my 100+ days, but I do have a full time job and a far more active social life these days.

Day Job

I plan to continue to be the industry leader at implementing social media marketing to build a community around our brand. The social media marketing world is constantly changing, so my typical cycle will continue: research, implement, track, fine tune, repeat.

It caters perfectly to my ADD and I love what I’m doing.

Personal Life

I am going to be incredibly self-centered in my personal life. While my day job is employer focused and New SCUBA Marketing is industry focused, my personal life is all about me. It hasn’t been in years past, so this will be a bit of a change for me. I will focus on activities that make me happiest and spend my time with the people who have been most supportive to me this past year. I’m not saying goodbye to people, simply focusing my energies.

Outside of diving, there will be some travel, camping, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, cooking and live music in my future.

What are your goals for the year?

Photo via jayneandd

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