A Little Twitter Math

We all go through busy periods in our life, I happen to be right in the middle of one. As these events happen, we need to reduce distractions to be as effective as possible. Personally, I’ve been spending a little extra time cleaning up my Twitter account to eliminate noise as much as possible.

I Have a Billion Followers

It’s Ashton’s fault for racing CNN to one million followers. This created a complex amongst some people that makes them think followers are the most important thing ever.

I disagree.

Making connections, which will hopefully either turn into friendships or business is what is most important.

Simple Math

If you can use a SCUBA dive table (no Wheel needed), this math should make sense.

Let’s say you are one of those Twitter “Rockstars” who has 2,000 followers.

If those 2,000 followers update once every two days (this is just an assumption, not based on any real statistics), that’s 1,000 updates per day.

If you sleep 8 hours per day, that leaves you with 16 hours to be on Twitter (please, don’t stop to eat, shower or go SCUBA diving).

That means you need to be reading 62.5 tweets per hour, a little over one per minute.

Sure, they’re only 140 characters (max), so that should be easy.

But now factor in the idea that you may want to REPLY or CREATE your own original content (you know, to actually ENGAGE), that minute gets really short.

Now lets say you are one of the small handful of EXTREME “Rockstars” and you have 20,000+ followers. Multiply by a factor of 10.

If you wanted to truly ENGAGE all of your followers, you’d need to be reading 625 updates per hour or almost 10 and a half per minute.

I Think this is Absurd

If you have and mention/flaunt that you have 5, 10 or 20 thousand followers you are simply showing me that you don’t understand Twitter as a communications tool and only see it as a marketing tool.

If that’s you, I’ve probably unfollowed you 🙂

What do you think? Do you want to be one of 5,000+ followers?

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