Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

There’s a boat full of divers and one PADI instructor, one NAUI instructor and one SSI instructor.

The boat starts to sink.

The NAUI instructor says, “Everybody get your BCD on, inflate it and we’ll wait for a rescue.”

The SSI instructor says, “Everybody gear up, we’ll go for a dive, then surface and wait for a rescue.”

The PADI instructor says, “Everybody sign this paperwork and pay me $200; we’re doing a wreck diver specialty course.”

The funniest part is that the same joke can be told by instructors from all three of those agencies and, to the appropriate audience, they’ll sound like the one with the right idea.

Contest Reminder

All jokes aside, today I simply want to remind everyone of our first contest. It’s super simple, if you haven’t entered already, make sure you check it out for a chance to win.

As an extra incentive, the next contest will be announced via the email newsletter exclusively.

Photo via jocelyn.aubert

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