Market Your SCUBA Business like Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam has been around since 1990, has sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide and has been called “the most popular American rock & roll band of the ‘90s” by Allmusic. Instead of attempting to manage an album release across every online outlet available, they used one very effectively and you can too.

Although I personally don’t like MySpace, I fully acknowledge that it is a perfect location for musicians and bands. Pearl Jam’s album release is a perfect example of this. Initially, they launched a mini documentary followed by their single, then the entire album before it was available to buy in stores or online.

Strength & Goal Analysis

A common problem I encounter when working with people is that they don’t really understand their strengths or goals. This is the first step towards success. If you like talking to random people, Twitter may be your best tool. If you like shooting pictures or video, Flickr or YouTube may be better social networks for you to use.

Once you understand your strengths and your goals, only then is it time to begin marketing your SCUBA diving business using the tools that will be most effective for you.

What tools do you use that may be considered “non-traditional” to market your local SCUBA diving business?

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