PADI Rebreather Clip Leaves More Questions Than Answers

PADI Rebreather Clip Leaves More Questions Than Answers

The video below has been making the rounds in the last few days. While I’m personally excited to see the new rebreather programs (big shock, Nick likes technology), this video is a little perplexing.

The title and video itself suggest it’s a clip from something, but what? The instructional video or just marketing material?

Who is padiemea and why are they posting this instead of PADIProducer?

Why does the production value look so high while content is so light?

Why didn’t the person who posted the video leave a better description?

When do I get rebreather certified? :)


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I'm a PADI Master Instructor who has run large SCUBA programs for a highly successful local dive center. Now I manage all social media marketing strategy for one of the largest online companies in the industry.

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  1. And nobody better say “PADI” ;)

  2. I’d be running from the RB program

  3. Or you could check it out and offer insights into why someone should run from it (or offer your usual overachiever level class) ;) I keep seeing most people say they’d avoid it, but it’s not even out yet, the tech is incredibly new but doesn’t seem rushed so I’m staying optimistic.

  4. From what I’ve seen, the pre-reqs are pretty scary. 50 dives and AOW for their recreational RB isn’t near enough. Not to mention, the words rebreather and recreational shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.

  5. It’s new tech. People didn’t (don’t) trust computers still or enriched air, but the majority of divers use both without issue. Rebreathers were clunky and required massive checklists, it’s not unreasonable to think they could be made safer and easier. Is now that time? I don’t know, but it will be that time at some point.

  6. The unites are getting safer, it’s the training that is lacking. RBs are a tool, mostly for longer and deeper dives. Well beyond recreational limits.

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